Letter from the founder

picforwebsiteDear Friends, 

Welcome to The World Club! 

In today’s world, knowing one language is barely enough and I strongly believe that learning foreign languages opens new doors. Language is an essential part of any culture -  it paves a way to build relationships, understand our differences and enjoy our similarities. I, myself, fluently speak English, French and Russian while working on my Hindi, Spanish andTamil. Languages fascinate me. Though it requires self-discipline and commitment, it should not be a boredom, especially for children. 

The idea of my new commitment has been with me for a while and I finally found strength to make it happen. The Club offers an after school & weekend programs for children to develop their skills in various languages using activities that engage and involve children like theatre, art and dance as well as learn about the World.

I was born in Belarus in an amazing family! I am very thankful to my parents, and, of course, other family members, who opened the whole world to me. Their input into my life is tremendous. My parents drove miles on Sunday mornings to my English and Drama classes, got up early to run with me to dance studio, taught me to appreciate art and music, encouraged to discover, be curious and be amazed in life. With their support I could graduate from one of the best Music Schools in the country as well asparticipated in various  theatre projects and learning activities. 

I was at law school when I decided to move to France where I met my husband with whom I eventually moved to Los Angeles. Here I worked in several fields including web-design, marketing, travellign and linguistics until I made a decision to combine all my savoir-faire with my passions: teaching, languages, world cultures, and performing arts. I worked for several years at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles where I could partially fulfill myself as a Drama and Language teacher. I also have been part of Shakti School of Bharata Natyam, classical Indian dance, and Shakti Dance Company for the past six years where I had several opportunities to combine my passion for teaching and performing arts. 

It is my calling to work with children, help them learn different languages and cultures. Children give me energy and inspire me and in return (I must admit), I learn a lot from them. They are my teachers! I want to share with them my savoir-faire and inspire them to love what they do! Oh, and, of course, make them smile!!!! My dream is to share the WORLD with them. Therefore, with big support of my family and friends, I have started ‘The World Club’. 

I hope the Club will become not just a program, but a family for years to come.

Welcome to The World Club! 

Yours truly, 
Ira M Barres